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Coconut oil is not really “drying”—it’s just super cleansing. It cleans your skin so well that it strips the oils off of your skin, making it feel dry. Coconut oil itself is good for your skin. Having 20% extra oil in the soap mitigates the "drying" effect, resulting in a bar that's really mild and good for your skin. Dreaded orange spots (or DOS) are caused by the free oils in the soap going rancid. In any bar of soap where there is any amount of superfatting, there is going to be a certain percentage of oil left behind. In a standard, balanced soap recipe, you’re going to have a combination of soft, more fragile oils like canola, sunflower, almond, or even olive along with long-lasting hard oils like tallow, palm, or coconut. Coconut oil is a long-lasting stable oil. Even if left “free” in the soap at a high percentage, it’s going to be sturdy and shelf stable for one to two years. Add to that stability, and it makes a super lather, demonstrating why a 100% coconut oil bar of soap cancels out the lathering and spoilage issues commonly associated with a high superfat percentage.


Shea butter has been used for millennia in Africa and for more than 60 years in edible specialty fat formulations and chocolate. While it’s been used on skin and hair for generations in some parts of the world (it was even one of Cleopatra’s favorites!), it’s only made it’s debut in commercial products in the US in the past few decades. Now, it’s a staple in many cosmetic, hair, and body care products because it’s an incredibly effective nourishing moisturizer that also soothes skin.


Olive oil is such an important ingredient, as one of the most widely used cooking oils you might be familiar with its numerous health benefits. Olive Oil contains naturally occurring squalene, a component of the hydrolipid mantle. It has anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties and provides a wonderful creaminess to the lather of our soap base.


Derived from a variety of plant oils, such as sunflower oil, vitamin E has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising properties to calm and hydrate dry, sensitive skin. Vitamin E can also give damaged skin a helping hand as it speeds up cell regeneration. We use vitamin E as a natural preservative too as it helps to support the stability of other ingredients in a product.


Avocado oil is jam-packed with proteins, antioxidants and sterolin. It is a superhero for the skin as it heals sun damage, fades the appearance of age-spots, and packs a moisturizing punch. It is especially great to use on your hands. We think Avocado oil deserves a place in everyone’s skin care routine as well as their diet!


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