Like all good small soap companies, Fox Soap Company started on the kitchen table. Founders Shawn and Sean, tried soapmaking as a hobby and like many was quickly hooked by the alchemy of the process.  Shawn and Sean very much liked their early experiments, enjoying both the process and the fact that they rapidly discovered that it was something they were good at... their soaps were of a good quality almost from day one. Part of this came from Shawn and Sean's own desire to create as natural a product as possible, to use high-quality ingredients from the start and to experiment with recipes and methods over and over again to make better and better soap.

 The first bars were sold from a table at a local fair, with the sign "Tested on family and friend, not animals". Their soap was soon available from local retailers under the name Fox Soap Company and all our manufacturing still gets done by hand. 


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Mexico: +52 669 259 0103 or toll-free from Canada & USA: 1-833-FOX-SOAP